Thursday, May 9, 2013

Next up at Hand Held

16 May – 8 June 2013

I Want to be Your Shadow is the latest exhibition from Melbourne based artist Kat Teede, which continues her intrigue of the duality present within life and within ourselves and in the tension that arises when oppositions meet. Light and its Shadow.

“I Want to be Your Shadow” is a statement that was once made known to me and has stayed in my memory for the tension that it creates between intimacy and suffocation. Appearing as an endearing declaration of love, “I Want to Be Your Shadow” can also be viewed as a burdening entrapment… Within this exhibition, small-scale sculpture and text combine in considering this tension, together with the recollection of our memories of past relationships. As with this statement, the works within I Want to be Your Shadow are both beautiful and intimate though oppressive and haunting.

Opening Thursday 16th May, 6-8pm


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