Friday, November 4, 2011

In Suspense

My latest curatorial project 'In Suspense' opened last Thursday eve at Hand Held. Thanks to all participants. I think you will agree if you were here on Thursday, drop in in the next few weeks or check out the images below, that it has come together as a lovely exhibition which has fulfilled it's brief with works exploring the possibilities of suspension whether it be literally, physically or metaphorically.

Artists in order of images:
Priscilla Ambrosini
Paul Compton
Sarah Eve Deaman
Jill Hermans
Jenny Bolhofner
Helen Malone
Jill Hermans
Sheridan Jones
Louise Jennison
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Shellaine Godbold
Deborah Klein
Clayton Tremlett
Bonnie Hanlon
Noela Mills

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