Wednesday, July 14, 2010

coming up...

Our new exhibition
'snip, slice, saw'
is just two weeks away!
Opening on the 29th of July 6-8pm
A group exhibition exploring
cutting in paper and metal.

artist include
Deborah Klien, Jennifer Bolhofner, Melissa Cameron
Deb McArdle, Lizzie Sampson, Christine Oakley,
Kathy Fahey, Jake Burrell, Karah Sinden, Emma Grace
Tamara Dixon, Sarah Heyward, Anna Davern and Penny Peckham.

Monday, July 5, 2010

memories of mountains

Collette Dane's exhibition 'Himalayan Annapurna' opened last week at Hand Held. Collete's finely hand-crafted, unique, fold out pop-up book-works reflect her time spent in the Himalaya's on recent travels. Obviously effected by the dramatic mountainscape and the stark contrasts of light and shadow, Collette's photographs are intensely colourful; her drawings subtle contrasts of white, grey and blue. Her book making is clever and unique with folding, layering, tearing and lighting suggesting distance and scale, shadow and light. The exhibition is evocative both of the Himalayan landscape but also of the intense impact that this place had on the artist.