Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A very exciting week

Join us on Thursday September 8th 6-8pm for the opening of 'INSIDE OUT/OUTSIDE IN'.

Curator Rebecca Mayo is taking the Dolls House gallery on the road - first stop Hand Held Gallery. We are very excited to have the Dolls House within Hand Held during IMPACT7's month of Print.

Also as part of IMPACT7's month of Print - 'The Wonderful Printed Things Fair' will take place at St.Helliers St. Store and Gallery at Abbotsford Convent next Saturday September 10th. I will be participating with my 'little red fish books'. I have some new books in the works as well as some newly editioned oldies. Several of Hand Held's past and current exhibitors will also be showing their work at TWPTF. With som many exciting artists and all work UNDER $100 I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bright ideas?

Having finally taken the opportunity to have a show in the gallery we installed 'lightbulbs, teabags and post-its' last Thursday eve.

Inspired by post-it note jottings of sudden ideas, thoughts and philosophical musings and the beauty of the discards of idle moments which lead to the occasional 'lightbulb' moment or flash of inspiration.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lightbulbs, post-its and teabags

Adrian Lawson and Megan Herring present an exhibition dedicated to sudden jolts of inspiration, quick jottings and the many cups of tea that some may call procrastination!

Opening night this Thursday August 18th 6-8pm.