Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday opening times

Hi all -

Hand Held will be open right up until Christmas Eve - we've got lots of great little goodies that would make great Kris Kringles and one-off unique Christmas gifts.

We will reopen on the 4th of Jan - 8th Jan for the completion of Mel Cameron and Chloe Vallance's beautiful show and then re-open again on the 13th for the opening of Kathy Fahey's show 'Penang and Back'. New Gallery hours (Tue-Sat, 12-5pm) will kick in after that. Please note we will not open on Mondays this coming year - I wish we could but work commitments are getting in the way.

Have a lovely Chistmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

'Measuring the Space Between' by Chloe Vallance and Melissa Cameron opened last week at Hand Held. A exhibition by Chloe - an illustrator - and Melissa - a jeweller - both emerging artists in the Melbourne scene - is an exciting collaboration where the artists have responded to and expanded on each others work and practice.

Both Chloe and Melissa play with the notion of 'space' within their work in different ways and this exhibition creates a meeting point - between two artists - between the object and the void - between memory and imagination.