Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blackboard day 8, Michael P Fikaris

Michael spent a few hours in the gallery on Tuesday working on this fellow. It was great to see the build up of crosshatching in this piece. Also nice to utilise the black and white available with the blackboard.

Blackboard Day 7, Margarey Manchee and Elizabeth Honey

Day 7 kicked off with Margaret and Elizabeth working on a mutli-layered collaboration combining Chinese characters with texture/pattering and stencils. The girls worked through several stages of the piece which eventually took on a life of its own as a political comment/parody.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BLACKBOARD Day 6, Ayano Takeuchi and Zoe Meager

Ayano and Zoe began Saturday morning drawing each other - responding to each others drawing process.

As the work evolved, different images emerged.

Through out the day the girls worked on several different projects including these ghostly portraits, several comics and a 4 part exquisite corpse.

It was great to see how the girls responded to each other, took over where the other left off and reinterpreted each others work.

BLACKBOARD Day 5, Paul Compton

First thing Thursday morning Hand Held got its own protectors on behalf of Paul Compton two creatures to watch over us in the gallery.

With gargoyles in place Paul got down to working on the big board. After a bit of play Paul realised he was working on what could be a new book - and so the pages flowed with typical, whimsical, quirky Paul Compton humour.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blackboard, Day 4: Adrian Lawson

Adrian worked throughout Thursday on a constantly evolving project with many stages. The work from the beginning of the day is unrecognisable at days end. The evolution through the images is fascinating as the work grows, blooms and finally decays.