Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Change Exchange

The Change Exchange is Hand Held gallery's first International traveling exhibition.

Curated by the lovely Jenny Bolhofner (who currently resides in Guam) The Change Exchange is the work of 28 US artists.

The exhibition came about when Jenny picked her life and moved it to Guam last year - a massive change in her life that lead her to consider change, cause and effect whether it be sudden and explosive or slow and gentle.

Artist were offered a small card on which to produce a work along with an envelope to write text and thoughts. These works were then returned to Jenny and posted online. Each artist selected the work of another and on receiving that work ... Changed it!

The exhibition is the culmination of this process - the final works as created and changed by two separate artists - it makes fascinating viewing and anyone heading through Melbourne in the next few weeks should stop in.

The exhibition continues till August 13th.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Ideal Half - Last Week

Come on in for the last week of Camilla Galaz's first solo show.

A show that makes us look at the 'flying rats', that live beside us, in our city environment - despised, unwanted and certainly misunderstood - in a new light.

An Ideal Half runs til Saturday July 25th.