Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last Thursday night saw the opening of Snip, Slice, Saw.

Thanks to all that attended - an excellent eve - I think all would agree!

This exhibition brings together artists from different disciplines who work with similar methods. Regardless of medium or tool, each artist uses the technique of cutting within their work. The delicate snip of scissors, the sharp fine blade of a scalpel, the biting teeth of a sawblade or the rough edge of a file remain evident in the final pieces as a mark of their making.

Sarah Heyward, Stone and Steel Landscape and Untitled

Melissa Cameron, Eight point Powder case pattern

Lizzie Sampson, Grass

Lorelei Clarke, If you lived here you'd be home by now

Kathy Fahey, Book & Boxes - George Town, Penang

Karah Sinden, Whirley, Swirls and Pinwheel

Jenny Bolhofner, Continental Drift

Jake Burrell, To Sign off and Sever Ties

Anna Davern, Nag, Nagaina and Krait

Emma Grace, Wake me up before you go

Deb McArdle, Tangled Wood and Poor Alice

Deborah Klein, Material Girls (artist book)

Christine Oakley, Magician's Assistant

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