Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ghosts in Paper Houses

Paul Compton's much anticipated exhibition opened last Thursday eve (May 6) and it must be said that this work is pretty amazing. Paul's usual detailed and intricate drawings are bound up in the most incredible POP-UP BOOKS!!!!
Focusing on Australia's most haunted and macabre houses, this is exciting new work from a talented illustrator.

This is Ominous Things a pop-up house with a dark story. This book comes with a tiny book and set of cards inside that tell a tale of mystery, intrigue and a lack of onion dip.

As usual Paul extends his remarkable detail inside - look through the windows and the house's interior is revealed.

Paul has also included a few drawings of both beautiful and haunted buildings into the exhibition. Labassa (pictured), the Brisbane's Old Government House and the Blackall Monument (QLD)

Moorhouse Street and Monte Christo, looking sweet and innocent nestled within two whimsical tunnel books, are 2 of Australia's most notorious houses with a histories of gruesome deaths and hauntings.

Did I mention that these are pop-up books! look at the incredible detail in these houses which fold out from with in the pages to form 'Talara' and 'Bundoora Homestead'

as if this isn't all enough for us, Paul has produced this fabulous little edition of Ominous Things so we can take one home for $25. Of course we sold out on opening night so Paul has been sent back to the dungeon to produce more and we are currently taking orders/pre-sales for the new batch.


ellen jaye benson said...

Paul Compton is as enigmatic and numinous as his work - Publishers you wrong yourself not to print his work- pick him up already he has a MASSIVE CULT FOLLOWING!

AndyMercer said...

Paul is the undisputed Gothic Wizard of Oz !

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I made a point of visiting your gallery on my flying visit to Melbourne last weekend and was blown away by what I saw. Thank you for existing (and can I be your gallery manager when you open a Canberra branch?)

Anne said...

Hello from France

Really love Paul Campton's work, and specially the book.
Any chance to see it in my country???(cross fingers...)