Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dusty sills and white shelves

Jane Simon's exhibition shutter, sill, blind opened last Thursday eve at Hand Held.

shutter, sill, blind
comprises 35 miniature light-boxes on 6 shelves like a miniature suburban television display, each one a subtle image of suburbia exploring the liminal spaces of domesticity between interior and exterior, positive and negative, public and private.

A limited addition artist book of hand printed (rizo print) images from the same series accompanies the installation.

Jane's other limited edition book is entitled Savage Cresent or an Oval Dream is a photographic documentary of Savage Cresent, a street in Palmerston, NZ. Savage crescent was a utopian state housing project of the NZ government in the 1930's. Each house was architecturally designed yet Jane's photographs capture the somewhat incongruous nature of the street's houses which seems more a 1930's display home development then a socialist inspired paradise of equality and harmony.

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